Samples :

Ciclos Luis Enrique Multiple grammy winning song "Yo no se Manana" by Luis Enrique which already became a salsa classic. I recorded the Bari Sax in this track   Play | Pause | Rewind
Eva "Rayito de mi sol" by Afro-Peruvian music Diva Eva Ayllon. I recorded the soprano sax and wrote the horn arrangements on this song produced by G. Aranivar   Play | Pause | Rewind
Mezcla soy, Paula Zuleta "El Pescador" This album produced by Tommy Ruiz recieved a Latin Grammy nomination. I recorded the clarinet tracks.   Play | Pause | Rewind
Himno chivas de guadalajara, Reyli, Alto sax "Between two worlds" This track which I recorded for my good friend Roberto Vazquez is now in the top 3 songs played in Jazz radio stations in the US and Canada.   Play | Pause | Rewind